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If you’ve not had the opportunity of meeting and/or working with Jean Pierre Marques, you may already realize that his depth of wisdom and true inner beauty is contagious in person as well as through his various self help audio files and publications. If you want to change your life and create a new you capable of living in harmony with others and within this great world, we encourage you to browse through the following stimulating offerings.

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``The Secrets to Longevity``

by Jean Pierre Marques

“Secrets to Longevity: An Amazing Kind of Beauty” from Christian Faith Publishing author Jean Pierre Marques is a wondrous biography of Louise Currie Good, the author’s private client who turned a hundred years old in 2013 and whose inspiring life story serves as a brilliant example of how to live a long, beautiful, healthy, and happy life. Buy it here

“Her name was Louise Currie Good, my private client for over fifteen years. She lived to be more than a hundred years young with a sharp mind, a love for creativity, and a 24 sense of humor. Even through the ups and downs of life, she lived a full, active, happy life surrounded by family and friends till her departure from this world. Buy it here

“I wanted to use her story and others as well to inspire people to learn the real secrets of living a long, healthy, purposeful life. In my fifty plus years of working with thousands of people on their physical, mental, and spiritual health, many of them seniors even into their nineties, I’ve pondered what separates the ones I met in bad health and ready to give up on life versus the ones who were inspired to take time to improve their good health through their attitude, exercise, and eating, making change for a healthier lifestyle and excited to wake up each day to live life to the fullest. Buy it here

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Jean Pierre Marques’s new book is a powerful
invitation to take control of one’s life, no matter the age, situation, or perceived limitation.

In this moving, vibrant, and astonishing book, readers will find an engaging and insightful conversation between a master and his student that will empower others to reach their golden years with balance, grace, and optimal health.

View a synopsis of “Secrets to Longevity: An Amazing Kind of Beauty” on YouTube.

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``I wanted to use her story and others as well to inspire people to learn the real secrets of living a long, healthy and purposeful life.``...Jean Pierre Marques