Life is constantly changing.

You are always evolving, always able to become something new. And you must!
Learn how to live a long life
Jean Pierre Marques New Book

Life is constantly changing.

You are always evolving, always able to become something new. And you must!

Jean Pierre Marques New Book

Jean Pierre Marques

Grand Master Jean Pierre is passionate about life, teaching for more than 55 years to tens of thousands of students all over the world the various East/West disciplines, and as a Behavioral Therapist, helping people improve the health, spirit and joy in their lives. He continues to increase his skills and knowledge and shares his life experiences with others. His message is simple; maintain good health not only physically, but mentally & spiritually as well.

Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Esteemed Grand Master Jean Pierre Marques was recently inducted into two prestigious martial arts Hall’s of Fame organizations:

USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame``Living Legend`` and ``Ultimate Lifetime Achievement``

Ceremony held in Los Angeles, CA.

Masters Hall of Fame
``Grand Master``

Ceremony held in Hollywoodl, CA.

Founder of Kenbudo Martial Arts Training System, Kenbudo Chi Flow & Kitaido Yoga

Recognized for his over 55 years of leadership and exceptional contribution to the Martial Arts & Fitness community, Grand Master jean Pierre’s formal martial arts training included teachers Master Mitsusuke Harada, Master Hiroyuki Aoki, Master Ed Parker and Tai Chi Master Wen Zee.

Grand Master History

Grand Master Jean Pierre studied various martial arts and his 50 years of experience and expertise in various fields include Karate, Shintaido, Boxing (which he participated in the Champion of France Amateur Competition), Bojutsu, and Jojutsu. He created his own Zenjo System and modified the Kenbudo System (martial arts and samurai sword) for the 21st century; designed for women but can be challenging for men, Tai Chi & Yoga (founding the Kitaido Yoga System). Because of his skill and teaching abilities in martial arts, yoga and fitness that he began in 1963, he started his own teaching in France in 1965 and then his first school in Los Angeles in 1975 called Institute of Mind and Body Development. He opened martial arts/yoga/wellness schools and retreat centers in Tucson, Hawaii and now Coronado and San Diego where he continues to teach, lecture, and educate. He conducts workshops and retreats and continues to teach students and private clients worldwide.

Good Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Every day millions of people partake in the discipline to improve their health and overall wellbeing. As proof, most practitioners have reported long term physical and mental health improvements. Overall, the practice of Yoga can significantly improve sleep, anxiety, pain, stress, high blood pressure as well as provide spiritual nourishment for more severe health challenges, such as cancer. Jean Pierre Marques is one of the most recognized practitioners in the field.

``You are a powerful being who can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to doing. I'm glad our paths have crossed.``

Jean Pierre Marques


Jean Pierre Marques New Book

Grand Master Jean Pierre Marques

For those not familiar with Jean Pierre’s journeys in life, we want to take this opportunity to share a little about what he has done and accomplished over the past 55 years.

Jean Pierre’s vast expertise, knowledge and guiding principles have changed the lives of thousands who have benefited by his workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions.

A master in all he teaches, Jean Pierre Marques is one of those rare individuals with the ability to both inspire and effectively guide students and clients of all ages to the fruition of their personal and professional goals. Recently, he has received three of the most coveted awards a man in this field can receive; the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame’s “Living Legend” and “Ultimate Lifetime Achievement” Award and the Masters Hall of Fame “Grand Master” Award.

San Diego Wellness Centers

Jean Pierre founded, owned and operated several wellness centers including his Mahalo Hawaiian Retreat, a retreat and wellness center on the Big Island of Hawaii, Coronado Yoga & Wellness Centers in California, Southwest Sanctuary in Arizona. He has been affiliated with the world renown Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona as the Director and Creator of the Spiritual Awareness Department, as well as one of its staff behavioral therapists and fitness professionals.

His private retreats and wellness centers include visitors from all parts of the world to train and study.  Jean Pierre also ventured to India Japan and  China to pursue his continued search to enhance his life, and the lives of his students through his teaching.

Jean Pierre moved to Coronado, California and where he owns and operates, with his wife, a wellness studio called Coronado Wellness & Yoga Center where he teaches and conducts workshops as a visiting Grand Master Teacher.

Self Help Books by Jean Pierre Marques

Jean Pierre has written several books among them his newly published “Secrets to Longevity” an inspirational book on aging, attitude and spirit. Others include his renowned “Wake Up to Life” a guide on how to live a healthy, joyous, fulfilled life, his unique and innovative “My Child Speaks through Me, and “Reflections, A Book of Poetry.”

Celebrity Client Wellness List

Jean Pierre’s client list features such accomplished individuals as real-estate developer Donald Trump, acclaimed fashion designer Donna Karan, famed NFL football players Michael Strahan and Derek Brown, as well as Hollywood’s hottest stars, including Jodie Foster, Michael Keaton, Julia Roberts, Barbara Streisand, Robin Williams, Signourney Weaver, Paula Abdul and more.

Professional Experience

  • Jean Pierre, who has created and run his own wellness centers in Los Angeles, California (Institute of Mind and Body Development), Arizona (Southwest Sanctuary Health Spa) Hawaii (Pantherapy Clinic and Power Health and Fitness Center), and Coronado, California (Coronado Yoga & Wellness Center) has also been affiliated with the world-renown Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona, as director of its Spiritual Awareness Department, as well as its staff behavioral therapist and fitness professional.
  • Jean Pierre has also worked for the Maui Community College as a teacher; the UCLA Medical Center as a pain management hypnotherapist for cancer and AIDS patients; and the Los Angeles Police Department as a self-defense instructor. He has extensive teaching experience in the United States, Japan, France England, China and Mexico, in a number of different subjects, including wellness education, Eastern philosophy, meditation, Tai Chi, martial arts and yoga.
  • His hospital and clinic affiliations have also included the Veterans’ Hospital in Tucson, Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the Chemical Dependency Department, andthe Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona and Apex Rehab Recovery Center in San Diego.
  • Jean Pierre has taught or led workshops at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles); Wesleyan University (Connecticut); Arizona Cancer Center (Tucson); International Spa & Fitness Association (Canada); Mar-A-Lago (Donald Trump) Florida, Sea Island Spa (Georgia); Williams Island Spa (Florida); Lake Austin Spa (Texas); Westin Hotel (Maui); and Canyon Ranch (West and East coast), Lycee Francais of Los Angeles).

National Testimonials

Jean Pierre Marques has been featured in numerous publications in addition to a wide variety of magazines including Yoga Journal, Sports Illustrated, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Martial Arts, Walking and more.

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