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  • Life is constantly changing. You are always evolving, always able to become something new. And you must!
  • We all grew up with fears and limiting beliefs. They were instilled in us from our parents, from our peers, and from society at large. Having become so much a part of ourselves as we aged, we can no longer see these fears and limiting beliefs. But most of us truly know something is holding us back from living out our true Self.
  • We all have the same “potential energy” in our bodies. This energy is the natural or God-given power we receive at birth, simply by being born human.
  • You can choose to use your life energy to enhance and invigorate your life, or you can choose to waste your energy on negative thoughts, depression, alcoholism, drugs, supporting an unhealthy body, or living a stressful life. It’s the same expenditure of energy to go down either of these paths. Which one do you choose now?
  • Look outside right now. Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, raining, or snowing, boiling hot or freezing cold, look outside and resolve to yourself that life is beautiful and you want to live it to its fullest.
  • Positive thoughts create life-sustaining and life-enhancing energy. Negative thoughts create life-draining energy and even illness
  • Abandon the negative messages of your early training. Distinguish any outmoded and outside-imposed behaviors that were previously useful from the authentic and self-motivated behaviors that fit your current adult desire to live more completely.
  • Abandon obsolete fears from your childhood and recognize that you have the capability to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself, once you grant yourself the freedom to fully live for them. When you can remove the old negative messages and fears, you become free to be who you truly are.
  • Whenever you experience negativity and self-doubt, it is an indication that you do not accept yourself. With self love you can ultimately allow yourself to develop a healthy, beautiful balanced life.
  • Whenever you experience negativity and self-doubt, it is an indication that you do not accept yourself. With self love you can ultimately allow yourself to develop a healthy, beautiful balanced life.
  • By learning to love and respect ourselves, we begin to understand that we are not separate from the rest of creation, but are an inseparable part of a living, breathing whole.
  • You are the only one who can discover the real beauty within you. You are already beautiful simply because you are!
  • You are a masterpiece! No one else existed like you before, never in eternity! You are exactly what you were created to be: a beautiful, healthy and happy human being.
  • It is your birthright to achieve health, happiness, and personal satisfaction in all that you do.
  • Whatever you do in your daily life, experiment with the idea of doing it with a beautiful feeling of awareness and love for the activity.
  • Take time to breath and approach your activities with a sincere effort to be present, in the here and now and you will embellish your life.
  • Self-love cannot be found with a serious attitude. It needs to be light, playful, joyful, and grateful.
  • When you give in to feelings of stress, or of being rushed, you deny yourself the experience of delight that results from immersing yourself in being fully present to what you are doing.
  • By bringing your awareness to the present, allowing yourself to fully experience the sights, smells, sounds, tastes and textures of whatever you are doing, you open your heart to self-love and to the real quality of being of life.
  • Whatever you do, find ways of adding fun to your life so you can express your true Self.
  • Any personally satisfying activity that brings joy to you contributes to growing your self-love.
  • Work toward creating a life in which you have plenty of time to laugh and play, to enjoy your uniqueness and that of others; the beauty of our planet, and to be with family and friends.
  • Focus on balancing your life. Balance is the key. Remember that money, success, and power are only a small part of the equation, and that too much or not enough emphasis on them causes you to lose your balance.
  • The human body is the greatest mystery in the world – and our greatest teacher.
  • The gift of life is presented to us in the form of the physical body, the stewardship of which is a sacred trust.
  • When you mindfully approach your body with love, you are able to fully realize its power.
  • Your body is the temple of your soul. This respectful attitude will also enable you to continue making valuable contributions to the world around you.
  • Respecting your body requires that you abandon any unhealthy habits you have that destroy your body. Unhealthy habits take power away from your authentic Self, and actually reflect a lack of self-love.
  • You have the power to change a negative habit into a positive one, just as you have the power to change a positive habit into a negative one. Remember that you use the same energy, regardless of which habit you do.
  • When you resist changing an unhealthy habit, you can often spend more energy trying to change it, than the energy you would spend if you simply just stop it one day.
  • Don’t wait for bad news or a life-threatening event to finally find the motivation to abandon unhealthy habits. Instead, wake up today and simply decide to stop living with them. They are not your friends, they are your enemies.
  • Deep inside yourself, you have the power to make any change you want to make. It only takes opening your mind to the fact that, as a human being, you are free to be happy or to be unhappy, healthy or unhealthy.
  • Whenever you seek to change negative habits you’ve acquired in the past, remain focused on the person you want to be in the present, rather than an image of yourself from the past.
  • Never focus on what you don’t want. Always focus on what you want and maintain that focus and you will have it.
  • Be patient with yourself when changing your unhealthy habits. Change takes time, one step at a time, one day at a time.
  • Most of us have fantasies and dreams of things we’d like to accomplish in life, but we never get around to doing them. These dreams eventually evaporate into the ether, and disappear from being part of our true Self. To counteract the disappearance of your dreams, surprise yourself now, and take action to complete one of them.
  • Whenever you work on making change in your life, do so in the context of all the relationships that support your former way of living. You may have to let go of some of them.
  • It is very important to stay in touch with friends, and seek out those who can support and help you in any positive change you want to make or whenever you encounter difficulties. Open yourself up to sharing your feelings.
  • Remember to forgive yourself. You cannot be complete until you are willing to recognize that your own weaknesses are the same weaknesses as others, but like them you have the power to change it.
  • By forgiving yourself for whatever you’ve done or wherever you’ve been in your life, learn from it to appreciate yourself in the present and move on to a better you, your real you.
  • It is by your own free will that one day you can become the Master of Your Life. Or you can remain a servant to your excuses.
  • God has given you power by making you free to waste your life or to do what best serves you. This is your own freedom. Which do you prefer?
  • According to quantum physics, the more deeply we examine the nature of physical reality, the more we find that all matter is actually made up of energy. We are nothing but molecules in constant motion, which come together to form physical mass. The patterns of moving energy are what create the uniqueness of every living thing and distinguish one being from another.
  • When you move your body, you reinvigorate your vitality and energy. When you don’t move your body, it stagnates and your energy dies.
  • No one should have to struggle to be healthy. Fitness and life should be a celebration every day!
  • Transform your exercises as a moving meditation. Engage your whole being into it and you will reach your highest peak.
  • Exercise should prepare you to discover your own uniqueness in your body and mind.
  • Movement helps you move closer to your innate wisdom and creativity. By gently working with your body and learning to listen to it, you develop your passion for life.
  • Clear your way to enjoy the journey to health, exercise, and movement for the joy of it. Let go of your concerns about how you will feel in a few months or years from now, about how much weight you must lose, or of how great you need to look. These concerns deprive you of the opportunity to experience the simple joy of moving your body and to be alive.
  • Effort and anxiety about being healthy are barriers. Instead, use effortlessness -- winning without fighting. Through the practice of effortlessness, you can experience the sacred miracle of your body, the miracle of movement…the miracle of life!
  • The natural wisdom of the body is your most important guide.
  • Pay attention to what your body tells you.
  • Learn to gather knowledge and wisdom from your body’s messages, feelings, and intuitions.
  • If you are tired, overly hungry, depressed, low on energy, or not performing well, it means that you are not moving enough, not taking good care of your body, mind and spirit.
  • Accept your own individuality and your uniqueness in the process of moving your body. Create your own joyful vision of exercising and proper nutrition and stick with it.
  • When you move, learn to let your mind become quiet relaxed and aware. Begin by becoming aware of your breathing, and allow your awareness to extend to the sensations within your body and relaxing them.
  • Health comes to you when you are in a relaxed state of mind, when you are not tense, but playful. When you hurry, you become overly tense, serious, and even grim about taking care of yourself. But fitness is not supposed to be a grim matter at all!
  • Struggle is a barrier to movement. When you release all of your unnecessary tensions, simple movement and exercise reach their peak of pureness and efficiency.
  • Engage in exercise with all of your senses. See, feel, smell, taste and listen to yourself exercise and move. Pay attention to the sensations of your body so that you can hear its messages.
  • “No pain, no gain” is the current catch phrase. But this macho game only results in injuries that are good business for the chiropractors, doctors and psychiatrists. How many people pay for it in later age?
  • You do not have to exercise to “be healthy” for its own sake. You exercise because you “deserve” to exercise, because your body naturally wants to be moving, stretching and breathing.
  • Heighten your sense that a better and more beautiful life is within your reach. Follow this feeling and reach for a more complete you.
  • When you are present to the gift that is your mind and body, the miracle of it, you can do anything you want to do.
  • Self-discipline is nothing more than tapping into your own energy resources to accomplish what you want. Rather than letting your negative habits sap your vital energy, turn the tables on your habits and harness your energy to defeat them.
  • You are a powerful creature, with enormous energy. It is only when you have a lack of vital energy that you acquiesce to doing something you don’t want to do. Unhealthy habits sap your energy and take over your mind/body system. However, if you regain your vital energy, if you rebuild it to be strong, you will find the strength to prevent your mind/body from being defeated by negative habits and enjoy your life more fully.
  • Every individual must recognize that change can only come from inside oneself. You can have an entire army of people rooting for you, but if you are unwilling to commit to change, and to exert the willpower to do it yourself, you won’t succeed.
  • Intuition is our natural wisdom. You know when your true Self is not satisfied. You know when your true Self is afraid. You know when your true Self is joyful. You know this because your natural wisdom communicates to you through your vital energy flowing and coursing through your mind/body.
  • You actually have tremendous access to your true Self if you listen to the natural signals coming from your mind/body. Begin to heed what you mind/body tells you, and you will find a direct path to your soul.
  • If you are unhappy with your life, slow down and pay attention to the messages that your mind/body reveals to you about your unhappiness. Don’t be in denial.
  • You can dedicate the energy in your body to either positive or negative actions. It takes the same expenditure of energy to think that you will succeed as it takes to think about failure.
  • You use the same energy to conjure up a picture of yourself being healthy and happy, or you can paint yourself into depression and gloom.
  • Positive thinking is nothing more than tapping into the energy of your mind to imagine the result you want to achieve in any endeavor you undertake. It is no different than moving your body to invigorate your vital energy or listening to your intuition when you are in danger.
  • When you set thoughts into motion, they become energy throughout your entire body, transmitted to all your cells. In as much as you are capable of performing any action that your thoughts can imagine, your mind/body uses the energy running throughout it to perform the thought just as you imagined it.
  • Each of us has opportunities for positive thinking in our life, and it is no less natural than listening to your emotions or your intuition. If you go slowly, step by step, your full potential in life will happen. Don’t sabotage your self-power.
  • Your mind/body is the keeper of your vital energy, which is the source of your authentic Self. When you learn to stay in touch with your mind/body through joyful movement and exercise, through healthy habits, through trusting your feelings and intuitions, and through positive thinking, you will finally be living out your authentic Self – happy and healthy.
  • Make a commitment to yourself to move every day for 100 days, whether it is walking, stretching, one of the martial arts, or yoga. You don’t need to kill yourself in some rigorous exercise or aerobics. Your goal is simply to stay in touch with the energy in your body.
  • Observe how much negative thinking, self-doubt, and acts that negate self-love you do on a daily basis. Observe the same behavior in the people close to you and around you. Make a conscious effort to recognize when you are thinking or speaking negatively, then change it to a positive thought and smile.
  • Breathing is the link between the mind and the body. It is impossible to be in good health if you do not breathe correctly. It is impossible to be in charge of your emotions if you do not breathe correctly. It is impossible to listen to your body if you do not breathe correctly.
  • The next time you find yourself in rush hour traffic or waiting in a long line, take a few slow deep breaths. You will feel a beautiful wave of peace and tranquillity, and your mind will become clear and sharp.
  • The mind can often be our greatest obstacle to power and motivation, since all too often, we let thoughts that don’t serve us run our life. But by getting in touch with our breath, we can often replace negative thoughts with new thoughts that activate us to reach new sources of strength and power.
  • Eastern mystical teachings say that we are born asleep. We spend our lives sleeping, unaware of our great potential. Breathing awareness awakens you.
  • Meditation is a path to rediscover your authentic Self. It is a way of slowing down the mind to relieve it of habitual tensions and to reconnect with your vital energy.
  • Meditation requires a different attitude than normal thought. Normal thought is active, aggressive, and outgoing. Meditation requires receptivity, quietness, and a willingness to let go.
  • The ability to achieve rest and relaxation is an important key to good health and well-being. Remember this in your daily life. If you are relaxed, if you let go, you can always find another way.
  • Don’t confuse concentration with meditation. Concentration is to be fully focused on one single point, like a horse with blinders. But you can be concentrating and still be tense, anxious, and stressed at the same time. In contrast, during meditation, you are fully aware of everything but in a relaxed and passive way.
  • In Meditation, you do not narrow your focus of attention; rather you open your awareness to all the details around you. You perceive everything around you with a clear and open mind, which requires discipline and self-awareness.
  • Use all your senses. Mother nature talks to you to guide you. Just listen from your heart.
  • Chanting is a form of meditation in which you verbalize a mantra or sound, either internally or externally. Whatever sound you choose, find a rhythm that is comfortable for you. Most people find one complete sound per exhale the easiest way to practice a mantra meditation.
  • To reconnect with your true Self, each and every day, you need to create rituals as well as sacred places. Through ritual, you become present to yourself, and gracefully remind yourself to be appreciative of your presence in the world. Through sacred space or sacred moments, you show yourself honor, respect, and self-love.
  • The tradition of bowing to another person has some deep and powerful meanings. To bow signifies “the start of everything and the end of everything” that you do. It is like the sunrise and sunset of your existence.
  • In the traditional Eastern fighting sports, the place where people received their training is considered a sacred space and is called the dojo in Japanese. You do not need to go to a martial arts monastery to create your own dojo. Anywhere you exercise, worship, or meditate can become your personal dojo. Do it respectively.
  • Your choice of clothing is an opportunity to express your love and appreciation for your body and for the miracle of life. Wearing clean, fresh clothing dedicated solely to your exercise or meditative practice is a way to show that you care for your body in a special and sacred way.
  • We are much more than a sophisticated machine; we are much more than a body and mind. We are a miracle of life, an incredible power and energy, which needs to function in harmony with nature.
  • The saying “you are what you eat” is an absolute truth. You cannot live a healthy life without paying attention to what you put in your body. The food you take in your body can help you appreciate life more fully to be healthier and enable you to face change with greater acceptance.
  • The most important key to healthy eating is simply to balance your nutrition, both in the quantity and the quality of what you eat. Your eating habits should be guided by love, care, and awareness of what you put into your body.
  • Dieting is a false way of eating and has nothing to do with connecting with your true Self. It is just as false as the advertising selling you sugar, chemically saturated products, and fast-food. At its worst, dieting forces you to make negative self-judgments about whether you are a “good” or “bad” person, based on your food choices. This keeps your mind in a constant state of stress and self-blame, rather than self-love.
  • A healthy body is the result of practicing the art of self-love, by directing your mind toward thoughts of joy, contentment, health, peace and serenity. Cleanse your thoughts of negative judgments and blame. As you refocus on appreciating and loving your unique Self, you will no longer be plagued by cravings for foods that do not nurture your body.
  • Find your own personal balance for healthy living.
  • Take full responsibility for your health, love, happiness and success. You are the Master, nobody or circumstance can control you if you don’t want to.
  • Think the following thought: “Because I want to be healthy, I make the decision to put nutritious food in my body. This is my choice. It is my freedom to make that choice, just as it is my freedom to eat non-nutritious food everyday if I so desire.”
  • Be mindful of your relationship to food. Take time when you eat to sit down, chewing every bite and enjoying the experience with an attitude of gratefulness to have the chance to eat when millions of people cannot.
  • When you train yourself to become aware of your body’s needs and how you feel, you become present to a new sense of life. You no longer imitate the dance; you become the dance itself!
  • While you may receive many “gifts” from life, you have a responsibility to share your learning and your gifts with others in appreciation of what you receive. To truly develop and achieve self-love, balance, and power in your life, you need to extend yourself to others.
  • The art of compassion begins within you. If you, as an individual, are compassionate and self-loving towards yourself first, you will automatically create the space in which compassion for others can grow.
  • Anger is the polar opposite of compassion. When you are angry, you close down and retreat to some hidden place in your mind/body that is not your true Self, but a facade that protects you like a fortress. Release it.
  • Anger creates a domino effect. Your anger at another often makes that person become equally angry. The two of you remain in a stalemate, each hiding behind a fortress of anger. Compassion can break the domino effect and help the two of you co-create a peaceful resolution.
  • Rather than resorting to anger when something is wrong in your life, move your mind/body towards compassion. When you are able to open your heart to others, you create a space in which they can feel safe, a space in which understanding and compromise can take place.
  • The next time you disagree with someone, rather than becoming angry, take a deep breath, open your heart and ask yourself what you can do to help the other person. If it seems that you still cannot come to a win/win resolution, you can at least be authentic when you tell the person that you don’t agree.
  • Create compassion in your life by allowing yourself the ability to see your actions with innocent child-like eyes. This will bring you closer to who you want to be, and you will live by your own definition.
  • When you give in to adversity, you abandon your true Self to hide behind a facade that you think protects you. You try to throw off blame, insisting that you did nothing wrong. The irony though is that you are still playing the anger game.
  • Whenever life throws you a curve, rather than getting upset and thinking the world is against you, say ‘thank you’ because adversity is opening you up to finding something new.
  • We are constantly judging everyone around us. The problem is, in this critical world of judgment, your chances of judging someone 100% accurately are next to zero. There is too much room for error in your judgment and even a small mistake can cost you a possible friend, business partner, or lover.
  • There’s always someone in your life who you think is bothering you or creating problems for you, but you may be completely misjudging the person. If you take the time to look at this person with compassionate eyes, you might be amazed at the relationship you could have.
  • Bring compassion into your community. Take the initiative to create the type of community you wish to live in. Rather than wait for your community to “happen,” begin creating bonds among people by seeking to learn about those who live near you.
  • We are all the same. Everybody needs to receive love and everybody needs to give it.
  • By slowing down, practicing self-love, enhancing the health of your entire mind/body, caring for your vital energy, eating well, creating sacred rituals and space for yourself, and practicing compassion, you can rediscover who you really are and create the life you want to have.
Learn how to live a long life"
Jean Pierre Marques new book

Jean Pierre Marques

Founder of Kitaido Yoga

The physical, mental and spiritual dimension of Yoga which originated in ancient India has been widely acclaimed to provide the practitioner with a state of optimum health & peace.  The term Yoga literally means "union." Yoga has become a universal language of spiritual exercise in the United States. The discipline crosses the lines of religion and of cultures.

Every day millions of people partake in the discipline to improve their health and overall wellbeing. As proof, most practitioners have reported long term physical and mental health improvements. Overall, the practice of Yoga can significantly improve sleep, anxiety, pain, stress, high blood pressure as well as provide spiritual nourishment for more severe health challenges, such as cancer. Jean Pierre Marques is one of the most recognized practitioners in the field.

Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Esteemed Grand Master Jean Pierre Marques was recently inducted into two prestigious martial arts Hall's of Fame organizations:

1.  USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame  - "Living Legend"  - Ceremony held in Las Angeles, CA.

2.  Masters Hall of Fame  - "Grand Master"  - Ceremony held in Hollywoodl, CA.

3. Founder of Kenbudo Training System, Kenbudo Chi Flow & Kitaido Yoga

Grand Master Jean Pierre MarquesRecognized for his over 50 years of leadership and exceptional contribution to the Martial Arts & Fitness community, Grand Master jean Pierre's formal martial arts training included teachers Master Mitsusuke Harada, Master Hiroyuki Aoki, Master Ed Parker and Tai Chi Master r. Wen Zee.

Grand Master History

Grand Master Jean Pierre studied various martial arts and his 50 years of experience and expertise in various fields include Karate, Shintaido, Boxing (which he participated in the Champion of France Amateur Competition), Bojutsu, and Jojutsu. He created his own Zenjo System and modified the Kenbudo System (martial arts and samurai sword) for the 21st century; designed for women but can be challenging for men, Tai Chi & Yoga (founding the Kitaido Yoga System). Because of his skill and teaching abilities in martial arts, yoga and fitness that he began in 1963, he started his own teaching in France in 1965 and then his first school in Los Angeles in 1975 called Institute of Mind and Body Development. He opened martial arts/yoga/wellness schools and retreat centers in Tucson, Hawaii and now Coronado and San Diego where he continues to teach, lecture, and educate. He conducts workshops and retreats and continues to teach students and private clients worldwide.

Good Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Grand Master Jean Pierre is passionate about life, teaching for more than 50 years to thousands of students all over the world the various East/West disciplines, and as a Behavioral Therapist, helping people improve the health, spirit and joy in their lives. He continues to increase his skills and knowledge and shares his life experiences with others. His message is simple; maintain good health not only physically, but mentally & spiritually as well.

If you would like more information for Grand Master Jean Pierre’s Kenbudo classes, other classes or private consultation, please call 619.437.6840 or via email.

“You are a powerful being who can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to doing." I'm glad our paths have crossed.         ....Jean Pierre Marques


Yoga Grand Master Jean Pierre Marques

Grand Master Jean Pierre Marques has been featured in publications such as: Yoga Journal, Sports Illustrated, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Martial Arts, Walking and more.

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