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     Grand Master Jean Pierre
Private Consultations

Jean Pierre takes the mind, body and spirit into consideration and helps people reach their full potential in any area of their life.  Any problem or concern will be transformed into creative opportunities to make the changes to improve the quality of their life. Jean Pierre can help you achieve your goals and improve your life.  His proven techniques will help you realize your own mind power to change your life. 

Methods used
: Behavior Therapy, Meditation, Visualization, Fitness, Nutrition, Breathing, Relaxation, Self-Hypnosis, NLP, Goal Setting, and others deemed appropriate.

Jean Pierre  is now  available for private consultations by private phone or Skype as well is in person.*  Buy Here
Digital recording of session provided free of charge

If you suffer from any of the following Jean Pierre can help you!

Weight Loss and Management


Stress and Anxiety

Improving sports or work performance


Spiritual Guidance

Mind Power


Pain Management

Improving Self Esteem/Confidence

Sleeping DIsorders Addictions
For more information call 619.437.6840/email

Pricing:  Private consultations $150 per hour.  Due to the natural evolution of change requires time and commitment Jean Pierre recommends a minimum of 3 sessions at the special rate of $395, 5 sessions $595 or 10 sessions for $950.  Phone consultations are $75 for 30 minutes and $150 for one hour.  Follow up consultations are at a discounted rate and an initial 10 minute interview is free of charge.

Per hour 3
 Session Package
Session Package
Session Pack
30 minute
Private Phone
1 Hour
Private phone
$150 per hour $395 $595 $950 $75 $150

* Travel expenses will vary according to distance.


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