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     Wake Up to Life

   by Jean Pierre Marques

What People are saying about Wake Up To Life. 
Taken from the forward of Jean Pierre Marques' new book

I am honored to write this endorsement for Jean Pierre Marques' new book. As a Medic al doctor and a practioner of Holistic medicine for over 20 years, it is very clear that people who are motivated, take self-responsibility and are prevention-oriented live a much more vital and healthy life.  Medicine is more of an art than a science.  Medicine is a philosophy, which has many schools of thought.  Eastern medicine in the form of Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine is an entire philosophy of life.  Diet, exercise, breathing, spiritual practices and our relationships within the Universe are dimensional and limited.  Our potential is limitless and we have no conception of who we really are and as Jean Pierre teaches us, it is crucial and freeing that we e4xplore that question, "Who Am I?"  As a teacher and author, Jean Pierre encourages just that, in a practical way. He motivates people to aspire to a fuller life by creating change with motivation, discipline, faith, responsibility and commitment.  I congratulate Jean Pierre on this book, and I congratulate you upon making a commitment to explore who you really are and to better health and increased vitality.

-Brian Cabin, M.D., M.D.(H), P.C., Gentle Loving Medical Care, Tucson, Arizona


St. Thomas Aquinas believed that God created us to be happy, here and hereafter.  Jean Pierre is one of the happiest people I know.  He understands the secrets of inner lasting happiness.  He is a master of marital arts and movement, a brilliant and delightful spiritual coach.  This book will relax and strengthen your mind and your muscles, especially your heart.  It will change your life.

-Fr. Miles O'Brien Riley, Ph.D., Archdiocese of San Francisco

A very beautiful book written by a man with deep spiritual insight.

-Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., AUthor of Meditatioin as Medicine

"In 'Wake Up to Life', Jean Pierre Marques combines a deep appreciation for everyone's own self as created by the Universe with a meticulously disciplined approach to physical training.  In his loving way, he answers the question whether or not the journey to spiritual awareness also involves physical development.  Jean Pierre shows us the two expand hand-in-hand."  

-Olga Connelly, Olympic Gold Medallist




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