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bulletWhat Is Yoga?
bulletWhat is meditation?
bulletWhat is the difference between yoga and just doing a stretch class?
bulletWhat does your logo symbolize?
bulletWhat does Zen of Movement mean? 
bulletCan your stop smoking and lose weight tapes really help  me stop smoking or lose weight?
bulletCan I have a consultation with you if even if I am out of state?
bulletHow is the alignmat different from a regular yoga mat?
bulletWhere do you hold your retreats and workshops?
bulletWhat types of retreats do you do?
bulletWhy is yoga clothing necessary?
bulletWhy is your therapy so effective?
bulletWhy did you name your website “evolution in health?”

What Is Yoga?

Yoga literally means “union.”  The practice, which began in India and is a few thousand years old, was developed to enable the practitioner to achieve optimum health – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Yoga is a process of self-discovery and awareness.  Each pose is approached as an exploration.  Now, doctors and psychologists are studying yoga as an important part of treatment for ailments, including high blood pressure, stress, diabetes, and psychological disorders.  It is a unique system for anyone, at any age and fitness level.  Hatha yoga is the branch of yoga that works on the physical aspects of health by releasing tension and opening joints through yoga postures called asanas.  This is done in conjunction with correct breathing, which sends energy throughout your entire body and calms the nervous system.  Breath, mind, and body are all one in hatha yoga.  The essence of yoga is found in the quality of attention given to your practice and to yourself, not necessarily the ability to do complicated postures.  Yoga will enhance your capacity to relax and to live life to the fullest.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a periodic vacation from thinking that sharpens and energizes the mind so we can deal with life with greater calmness, awareness, intelligence and efficiency.

What is the difference between yoga and just doing a stretch class?

All of our modern stretches came from variations of yoga.  In yoga, you involve your mind, body, spirit and breath.  You stay longer in each pose and do the pose in a very mindful way.  Most postures within the yoga system are, at the same time, therapeutic physically, emotionally and psychologically.  Stretch classes are just stretch classes.

What does your logo symbolize?

The black and white symbolizes balance and harmony between two extremes unable to exist without each other – day and night, male and female, sun and moon.  Never too much, never too little.  The logo symbolizes action, movement, moving forward, peace of mind and protection against negativity.  The red symbolizes fire, energy, and life.  It is the bridge between the black and white, creating harmony between the two extremes.

What does Zen of Movement mean? 

Zen of Movement is a system of movements and philosophy to develop awareness in understanding the relationship between the mind, body and spirit for personal and spiritual growth in sports, fitness, body movements and in our daily lives.  It’s a unique system of mindful exercises that keep you in the present moment and bring you balance and health in the 21st century.

Can your stop smoking and lose weight tapes really help  me stop smoking or lose weight?

Absolutely.  I have had great success with all of my tapes.  If you are ready to make a change and listen faithfully to the tape for a few weeks, you too can make any change you want to make.

Can I have a consultation with you if even if I am out of state?

Call our toll free number, 1-619-437-6840, or email us and we will contact you and set up a time for a phone consultation.

How is the Alignmat™ different from a regular yoga mat?

As you can see from the picture of the Alignmat™, it has a system of horizontal and perpendicular lines that help the student to be in the right alignment during their poses and movement.  Through my many years of teaching I correct students with their feet,  legs  and body out of alignment and nothing to guide them in the right alignment on their own.  The Alignmat™ increases the students awareness to correct their body alignment to move efficiently and safely to get the most from their practice.

Where do you hold your retreats and workshops?

We hold retreats and workshops throughout the U.S. and Europe per clients request or on our own.  I conduct yoga retreats in Maui a few times a year.  Many clients will organize private or semi private retreats with me in Southern California.  I also do many workshops and classes at home in Coronado, Ca. when I am not traveling.

 What types of retreats do you do?

You can see a list of all retreats and workshops that I do by clicking here.  

Why is yoga clothing necessary?

Most yoga clothing is made of cotton which is the most comfortable and healthiest for your skin.  You want your clothing to be loose and comfortable and designed for maximum freedom of movement.  Read my chapter on the importance of clothing in our practice in my new book Wake Up to Life.

Why is your therapy so effective?

I work closely with my client on all levels – mind/body/spirit – which cannot be separate.  I involve the client to take full responsibility for any change they want to make.  I guide them but they are the ones that walk the path.

Why did you name your website “evolution in health?”

 Life itself is an evolution.  Evolution in health represents the fact that in life we are always changing and improving our way of thinking on every level – nutrition, health, exercise, state of mind, etc. – to enhance our lives, to find optimal health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  My goal is to stay in the cutting edge of providing tools that anyone can use to bring that individual to their highest potential as a human being.


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