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Yoga Master Jean Pierre
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Yoga Master Jean Pierre
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If you've not had the opportunity of meeting and/or working with Jean Pierre Marques, you may already realize that his depth of wisdom and true inner beauty is contagious in person as well as through his various self help audio files and publications.  If you want to change your life and create a new you  capable of living in harmony with others and within this great world, we encourage you to browse through the following stimulating offerings.  


                           Self Help Wellness Downloadables

Breath of Life  |  Weight Loss  |  Relaxation  |  Rose Meditation  |  Stop Smoking


new"Wake Up to Life has met with rave reviews. It's the book to read in the total health/fitness field.  But don't take our word for it, read what others have to say. Buy

newEcstasy of Color - A unique compliation of paintings by Jean Pierre Marques   Buy

newMy Child Speaks Through Me by Jean Pierre Marques.  Read excerpts  

new"An Amazing Kind of Beauty" -   The Life and Ways of Louise Currie Good.  An interview with Mrs. Good and her family. By Jean Pierre Marques.  Currently unavailable

newReflections -  Original Writings and Poetry  

Video Tapes
Audio Tapes
Yoga Books

Coming Soon

Complimentary email series of Jean Pierre's newest book

"Wake Up To Life"
Seven part series

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