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Jean Pierre's 

Library of Self-help Audios will change your life.

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breathoflife.jpg (11218 bytes) Breath of Life: Meditations for Mindfulness.
By Jean Pierre Marques

Achieve greater mental clarity and concentration by awareness of breathing.  By using this meditation tape you will achieve mental and emotional balance through mindfulness of your breathing. 

 Other benefits will be a greater awareness of your mental powers, including relaxation and energy, a sense of calm and a happiness, growing self control and spirituality, and improved healthiness.

rosemeditation.jpg (13756 bytes) Replenishing the Love In Your Life: The Rose Meditation. 
 By Jean Pierre Marques

Use the image of a
lovely rose to reconnect with the love in and around you.  The central theme of meditation is being one with that which is in and around us.  Meditation is a precious way for you to pleasure yourself, relaxing anxiety, tension or worry.  

It can simply provide a way for you to recharge yourself, centering and balancing your body, mind and spirit.  In this Rose Meditation, discover the rose, inhale it's sweet aroma in your mind and let the fragrance and beauty of the rose be the essence of your life. $9.95 

stopsmoking.jpg (10260 bytes)Stop Smoking Forever: Mastery Through Meditation. 
By Jean Pierre Marques

This is a safe and effective way to overcome the addiction of smoking.  This tape provides an effective, safe method in which your mind is conditioned to achieve your goal to be a nonsmoker forever.  

Jean Pierre's proven techniques will help you realize your own mind power to change any enslaving habit and enjoy the healthy, happy, long life you deserve. 

relaxandstressreduction.jpg (18692 bytes)
Relaxation & Stress Reduction: Effective techniques for relaxation and stress management.  
By Jean Pierre Marques

Rid yourself of useless tension as you relax your body, recharge your mind and renew your spirit. This tape will help you relax the muscles of your body and the stresses of your mind.  You will reduce nervous system activity, calm your emotions and quiet useless thoughts.  Through proper breathing and a focus on your inner self you will be able to reduce built-up stress and tension, promoting increased efficiency, health, longevity and a feeling of well-being. $9.95 

Permanent Weight Loss: A simple, practical way to lose weight, keep it off and enjoy life.
By Jean Pierre Marques

Shed the pounds that you've been promising yourself to lose.  This tape will effectively inspire and guide you to the fruition of your personal and professional goals.  $9.95 


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Jean Pierre will custom design tapes on any subject for you or your group.


Dear Jean Pierre:

It was... powerful.  You've shown me the path to my own power and the importance of not giving it away.  I will use my power.  

Thank you.

Trish D
Lawrenceville, N. J. 

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