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AlignMat The Most Unique Yoga Mat Ever


Yoga is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise and is ideal for all ages and abilities.  Full view

The AlignmatR created by Jean Pierre Marques, is a new and advanced mat system that encourages the body to be in the best possible alignment and position for yoga and exercise practice.  

girl_feet_mat.gif (39838 bytes) It is the first of its kind with a grid system of dots as well as vertical and horizontal perpendicular lines.  

The AlignmatR  is perfect for seated, standing, or lying down postures.  
Click for full view  

Some of the many benefits of the AlignmatR are:

  • Increase a yoga student's awareness and accuracy of their relative body positions and movements during an exercise.
  • Allow the yoga student to correct his or her body alignment, helping to prevent injury.
  • Make it easier for the yoga student to follow specific instructions from the instructor.
  • Provide a visual tool to practice techniques safely and correctly.

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yoga_girl.gif (103838 bytes) 
Position 1 - click for full view

girl_splits_mat.gif (29320 bytes)
Position 2 - click for full view

girl_bend_mat.gif (35233 bytes)
Position 3- click for full view

girl_sit2_mat.gif (31657 bytes)
Position 3 - click for full view

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