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Yoga Master Jean Pierre
Yoga Master Jean Pierre
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Yoga Master Jean Pierre
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Grand Master Jean Pierre Marques


Jean Pierre Marques

For those not familiar with Jean Pierre's journeys in life, we want to take this opportunity to share a little about what he has done and accomplished over the past 50 years. 

For over forty-eight years Jean Pierre's vast expertise, knowledge and guiding principles have  changed the lives of thousands who have benefited by his workshops, classes and private sessions.

A master in all he teaches, Jean Pierre Marques is one of those rare individuals with the ability to both inspire and effectively guide students and clients of all ages to the fruition of their personal and professional goals.
 Recently, he has received two of the most coveted awards a man in this field can receive; the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame's "Living Legend Award and the Masters Hall of Fame  "Grand Master" Award.

San Diego Yoga Wellness Centers

Masters Hall of FameJean Pierre founded, owned  and operated several wellness centers including his Mahalo Hawaiian Retreat, a retreat and wellness center on the Big Island of Hawaii, Coronado Yoga & Wellness Centers  in California, Arizona and Hawaii, and  has  been affiliated with the world renown Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona as the Director and Creator of the Spiritual Awareness Department, as well as one of its staff behavioral therapists and fitness professionals. 

He opened his own private retreat called Southwest Sanctuary where individuals came from various parts of the world to train and study.  During this same time, he opened a wellness studio in Tucson called Zen of Movement.  After selling his businesses in Tucson, Jean Pierre ventured to India and then  to China to pursue his continued search to enhance his life, and the lives of his students through teaching. 

Jean Pierre moved to Coronado, California and opened another wellness studio called Coronado Wellness & Yoga Center where he teaches and conducts workshops as a visiting Grand Master Teacher


Self Help Books by Jean Pierre Marques

Jean Pierre completed several books among them his newest offering “Reflectionsa Book of Poetry,"  Wake Up to Life”, the unique and innovative “My Child Speaks Through Me”, and an inspirational book on aging, attitude and spirit “An Amazing Kind of Beauty – The Life and Ways of Louise Currie Good.”  

Today, Jean Pierre works with private clients and continues to remain available to teach workshops and retreats all over the world.  For more information and to book a personal appearance call 1-619-437-6840.

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